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BSG MOD taking applications!


I have recently become involved with a conversion project for Freespace2 Open


This Mod is in it's early stages, but the team is already preparing for a preview release with full story. We are attempting to keep Ron Moore's vision and storyline intact, and remain true to the series. Can't say much what the preview is about...but as of right now, it is NOT about Galactica!...that comes later.

Now, my purpose for writing: We need help. The modelers are doing an incredible job:

[URL=]Viper attack wing (possible BSG ep. 10 spoiler)[/URL]

[URL=]Battlestar Galactica[/URL]

[URL=]Viper cockpit close-ups[/URL]

Now, they can't do it alone. we need more modelers, texture artists, and any other art-related issues. We also need a sound editor SOON.

Open call for voice actors as well!!! (There is even a thread in the BSG forum where you can submit your picture to be in a viper cockpit!!)

I just got involved with this project, and I gotta say I'm stoked. The team is taking it seriously, and the story seems to be solid, worthy of Moore's BSG (I should know, I'm working on part of it!)

Finally, here's the forum address:
[URL=]Battlestar Galactica: Freespace 2 Open conversion[/URL]

I hope you all will at least visit and see our progress!! If you want to stay and help, you are more than welcome!!

Thank you for your time, you may go back to your corn nuts and beer



  • Anyone interested in contributing as modeller, texturer, or SOUND EDITOR?!! Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?
  • A2597A2597 Fanboy
    I'm afraid I am absolutly swamped as it, is. I couldn't even play tests as things currently go for me, literally been over a week since I've played ANY game. (Solitaire included)

    But good luck, looks SWEET.
    -Edit, have you tried asking anyone at modeling forums? Or the freespace websites?
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  • Thanks for the RSVP A#:-) Well, so far I've only also posted at IFH...I think that Omni, the team leader, has hit up the Freespace community...but believe me, I'm not done recruiting yet;-)
  • A2597A2597 Fanboy
    There ya go! Optimism! :D
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